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Hair loss can be confusing. Companies are constantly promoting their own solutions and downplaying the side effects of their products. Many of these ‘treatments’ don’t even work, as they’re often just selling useless snake oil.

IHSA brings together a team of scientists and medical experts whose goal is to provide clear, up-to-date information on all hair science research. We aim to provide clarity for men and women struggling with hair loss by ranking treatments based on their effectiveness and the likelihood of side effects. We’re committed to providing you with information about the latest research, always backing up our findings with scientific studies.

We are committed to…

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Openly discussing the stress and anxiety we all suffer when experiencing hair loss.

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Providing you with unbiased, medically-reviewed information on hair loss research and solutions.

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Helping you find the best option to combat your hair loss effectively.

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Educating the public about hair health and different forms of hair loss.

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Keeping up with cutting-edge hair science research and the latest hair loss treatments.

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IHSA Medical Experts

Our team of medical advisors includes dermatologists, trichologists, transplant surgeons, researchers, and other health experts. Our experts review all of our content to ensure our readers see trustworthy information that is reliable and medically accurate. We also perform regular content revisions to guarantee that all clinical guidance and reported findings are up to date.

Our Team

IHSA Editorial

The IHSA Editorial team has a strict editorial process, with a review process that requires the approval of the IHSA Medical Experts before publication. All of our published work is continually assessed and monitored. We perform regular updates, both to maintain our high quality and standards and to incorporate the latest research.

Through our work, we aim to distill dense scientific texts and present them to you with straightforward conclusions. We use the latest research from authoritative and unbiased sources, avoiding predatory publications and journals.

Our editorial policy is not influenced in any way by sponsors or industry brands. Any products shown on our website are selected on the basis that they are representative depictions of an item. Any brand names mentioned on the website are referenced in the context of giving well-known examples, particularly in cases where a name has become a genericized trademark, or an average item’s cost varies across multiple regions. The mention or depiction of an item does not in any way imply any specific preference IHSA has for that brand or product.

How is IHSA funded?

IHSA is an independent organization. We do not accept money from outside sources, including but not limited to advertising or affiliations.

IHSA has a no-gift policy that applies to all members of our organization. Items that are received, beyond cards and other written forms of thanks and recognition, will generally not be accepted.

IHSA does not endorse products but will accept related samples. However, we cannot guarantee their inclusion on our website. Any featured product will be given an impartial review or may be depicted as a credited photo when discussing a related subject.