The Latest on Hair Loss Treatments

Everything you want to know about procedures, clinical trials, medications, and more. 

Using Oral or Topical Spironolactone for Hair Loss

Spironolactone is a drug that's usually used to treat cardiovascular problems. However, it's also the most common anti-androgenic medication used by dermatologists in the USA. This medication can be used both orally and topically for hair loss. It can even be combined with other hair loss treatments, including minoxidil and finasteride.

Spironolactone bottle centered against several other pill containers

Microneedling at Home for Hair Loss

Microneedling is a technique that creates controlled micro-injuries to stimulate skin and hair follicles. Performing this procedure at home can be challenging, and there are typically more benefits to having microneedling done at a clinic. For individuals who want to try DIY microneedling, you should be aware that there is an increased risk of infection and other side effects.

A man microneedling his scalp with a dermaroller

Can You Regrow Hair After Scarring Alopecia?

Scarring alopecia is a form of hair loss that destroys hair follicles and damages the surrounding skin. It can be treatable with antibiotics, immunosuppressants, topical steroids, and local corticosteroid injections. One clinical trial is taking a completely new approach to regenerating hair follicles in people with scarring alopecia, using a laser and retinoic acid to promote cellular regeneration and restore functional hair follicles.

A woman receiving a corticosteroid injection to treat scarring alopecia

Using Topical vs. Oral Minoxidil to Treat Cancer Hair Loss

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy are known to save lives, but they also unfortunately are infamous for one of their side effects: hair loss. The FDA-approved drug minoxidil, which is approved to treat pattern hair loss when used topically and as a blood pressure reducer when used orally, is sometimes used off-label for cancer hair loss, too.

Asian woman with a bald head from cancer treatment standing with crossed arms