The Latest on Hair Loss Treatments

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Are Finasteride Side Effects Permanent?

Finasteride is a hair loss treatment that’s infamous for its side effects, especially sexual issues like decreased libido and impotence. Most people see an easy resolution to these issues when they stop taking the medication. But for some people, these side effects continue, which is known as post-finasteride syndrome.

Two bubble packets of propecia pills alongside half a dozen loose pills

Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

The negative impact smoking has on health has been well known for over half a century. However, you may not realize that smoking doesn't only harm your lungs and heart -- it also damages your skin and hair. This damage is caused by nicotine and a number of other toxic compounds, many of which are carcinogenic.

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DLQ01: Dermaliq’s New Pattern Hair Loss Drug Starts Clinical Trials

Dermaliq’s new pattern hair loss drug, DLQ01, is a topical prostaglandin analogue that can be used by men and women. Dermaliq recently started this drug's first clinical trial. The trial is currently open and recruiting, but is limited to men based in Australia. Trial completion is forecasted for the end of 2023.

Man with androgenic alopecia applying DLQ01 to his head

FDA-Approved Hair Loss Treatments for Androgenic Alopecia

There are currently three treatments approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for pattern hair loss. Two of these are drugs: minoxidil, a topical liquid and foam that can be used by men and women, and finasteride, a pill that’s only meant to be used by men. Recently, laser hair therapy devices have been cleared for use, too.

A man's head, bent slightly downward, showing temple and crown hair loss indicative of androgenic alopecia.